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  • 7 Vitamins
    Every day your hair is subject to aggression by harmful environmental agents. This is why it needs to be continually nourished and protected.
    The new Shampoo and Conditioner Line CLIVEN 7 Vitamins looks after your hair while ensuring its health and beauty.
    The special element of this line is the content of the heptavitamin complex , in every formula (Vitamin PP; H; E; B5; F; B6; C), which, thanks to its reconditioning action on the hair's keratin structure helps it stay strong and healthy.

    The formulas of this line are also characterised by the content of lipidic components that:
    - normalize the cleansing action of the washing agents thus making cleansing gentle;
    - favour a photo chromatic activity that captures sunlight and covers the hair with deep and brilliant reflexes.

    To further strengthen the 7-vitamin concept, a fruity-floral note, that leaves your hair pleasantly scented, distinguishes these products.

    The Cliven 7-Vitamin Line offers a full range of hair treatment products for the needs of different types of hair. Explore them all.

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