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    Description Information  
    Day Cream
    Moisturizing Cream with Vitamins
    50 ml

    This light, non-oily moisturizing cream provides the skin with all the essential nourishing and protective elements.
    The presence of Vitamin C, an essential element for the health of the organism, gives the skin natural protection against the environmental agents of day to day life, leaving it softer, smoother and more radiant. The Avocado and Wheat Germ Oil, rich in Vitamin A, E and F, supplement the skin's vitamin requirements together with Provitamin B5 that moisturizes and protects the skin. The cream also contains extremely pure Hamamelis and Aloe plant extracts together with a sun filter to ensure an effective protection against the UV rays that are harmful to the skin. The face appears fresh and vibrant for the whole day.

    Day Cream Night Cream Cleansing Milk Refreshing and Soothing Tonic

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