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    Anti-wrinkle face cream
    Lift effect

    Cliven anti-wrinkle face cream, rich in active ingredients with regenerating properties, restores skin’s tone and firmness while smoothing out features with an effective lift-effect. An active ingredient extracted from Rathany root, that carries out its proven invigorating and preventing function, fights the harmful action of free radicals and acts as regenerator on tired skin, while assisting the removal of substances that weaken the natural mechanism of cellular renewal. Moreover Vitamin E, with antioxidant properties, together with highly moisturizing, eudermic oils assures the essential protection and nourishment to keep the skin young and smooth.
    A daily use of the cream provides a progressive improvement of complexion: wrinkles are visibly minimized and less deep, the skin looks more toned up and it gives a fresh, young appearance to the face.
    USE: push the dispenser and take the necessary amount of product, smear on face and neck with a gentle, circular massage. For a more effective result, use in the morning and night.

    Anti-wrinkle face cream

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